Hello to all you wonderful folk. I know I have been MIA but having a baby has taken all my time and that leads to no time to blog. I am now back at work after about four and a half months maternity leave which kinda gives me a little break from mom-life.

Naturally with returning to work I needed a few new work items as my pregnancy weight is taking forever to shed. Superbalist asked me
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BABY BOOTCAMP (giveaway closed)

Paed IQ - Image

Hey guys! As I mentioned before (here) my baby is due on the 24th so I am counting down the days now and also there is 2 more days till I go on Maternity leave YAY!  Some more good news, this post is actually a giveaway post for all mom-to-be’s as well as new parents. I was invited to attend the Clicks & Paed IQ Baby Bootcamp which will be held in Cape Town on the 24.10.2015, but unfortunately I wont be able to attend as I might be in hospital.

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